A Beery Busy Weekend

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August 13, 2015 by knoxbeerdinosaur

The weekend started on Thursday when Aaron from Crafty Bastard and our friend Jamie stopped by to try Jerry’s Hefe Mosaic and also to sample the gift I mentioned a few days ago.  The Hefe was impressive and enjoyed by all.

 The Mosaic Saison from Anchorage Brewing Company was very good and we really enjoyed the Brett yeast they used.  Thanks to Aaron for thinking of us with this one.

While we were standing around discussing beer, Aaron mentioned that he had tried the Belgian Acetic Brown from Cold Fusion and that it was good.  We knew it was on tap at Scruffy City last week but assumed it was gone.  We decided to pop down and see if it was still on.  Luckily it was still there and it was tasty with sour apple being the prominent flavor.   I’m glad we got a pint of it and look forward to more of their beer in the future.  
 I snapped this picture before it started pouring rain and we had to run inside. 

 I got home and was getting settled in for the evening and realized that I had not had an IPA today! It was IPA day for goodness sake! I saw it on Twitter all day and completely forgot once I started talking and actually drinking a beer. I panicked and started rooting around in the fridge.  Lots of good stuff in there but I could not find an IPA and I really wanted the IPA Day 2015 badge on Untappd.

 I finally found The Kings English IPA so we split it.  It was a good night and I earned my badge just in the nick of time!

Friday was one of those nights where I should have gone home about 2 hours earlier than I did.  It was lots of fun but I was exhausted the next day.  We met up with Sam for dinner and then headed over to Flow for the Wiseacre tap takeover.  There are no pictures because it was pretty busy.  There were lots of people I knew so I just started talking to everyone and drinking and time flew by.  The Wiseacre beers were good and I tried them all.  I still love Gotta Get Up To Get Down.

I slept in a little bit on Saturday but woke up feeling not at all refreshed.  I knew I had to pull myself together for a bottle share that afternoon.  I tried to hydrate and eat but I mostly moaned and groaned for a while and eventually started feeling better.  We decided on some comfort food from Downtown Grill and Brewery (no beer for me).  I nibbled on my chicken tenders and perked up just in time to head to the bottle share with a couple of beers in the cooler. 

 It turned into quite an epic event.  There were about 15 people there and we were celebrating one of our UnTappd friends 2500th Distinct Beer check-in.  Congratulations Matt!  As you can see from the pictures, there were some amazing beers to sample.

  We got to hang out with Sam and Lou among other bottle share rockstars!  It was a great weather day and the drinking pace was very relaxed making it easy to enjoy each beer before moving on to the next.  I felt very honored to be there.

We did not stay until the end.  The dog needed to eat and take a walk.   We headed out early and, unfortunately, missed several beers.  After a lengthy discussion with Lou about curry chicken we stopped by Chaiyos on the way home for some carryout.  Yum!

We woke up early on Sunday and it looked beautiful outside and everyone was feeling rested.  We wanted to get out for some exercise and work off some of the beer calories so we loaded up the dog and headed across the bridge to Ijams for a short hike.  Beamish is always up for an adventure so hit the trail running.  She had a great time and ended up being carried only a little on the way back to the car.

   The weather was perfect and it was early so we only ran into a couple of people.  They almost left me sitting here after taking this picture.  That could have been bad since my survival skills aren’t that great, very much like that of Beamish. 

 Later in the afternoon we walked down to Outdoor Knoxville to check the place out.  It was like a ghost town, maybe because it was pretty hot out.  We stopped in to the Billy Lush Board Shop and ordered a beer each.  They had the Waterkeeper Hefe by Sweetwater so Jerry was happy.  They have about 6 drafts and a nice selection of bottled beer.  They try to have most of their beer from the Southeast region.  I had lots of questions about the paddle boarding.  The young man that poured our beer was very helpful and answered anything we asked.  He assured me that it wasn’t too hard to get back on if you fell off.  Of course, he is probably 30 years younger than me and does not have the upper body strength of an 80 year old man with tiny arms.  I am determined to give it a try very soon, I’m still working up my courage.  We may try the hydro-bike first and see how that goes.  If you see me flailing around in the river, please toss me a lifesaver ring.  It was time to rush home and get ready for another bottle share that will be in a different post!  Cheers and hang ten friends!


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