An Unexpectedly Good Weekend

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August 6, 2015 by knoxbeerdinosaur

Last Friday I was walking home from work thinking about what to eat for dinner. The plan was to stay in, eat a bite, watch a little TV and go to bed early since we were driving to Kingsport yet again on Saturday morning. I was almost home when I got a text from Emjay. Sam was working at Alliance Brewing Company and she was going to meet him and then they were coming downtown. Woohoo. We made a plan of coming to our place for a couple of beers and then go eat somewhere. I popped down to Soccer Taco for chips and salsa and then to The Tomato Head for some hummus.    Jerry and I shared The King’s English IPA by Greene King while straightening up the house and getting ready. It was, as expected, a malt bomb.  Once Sam and Emjay arrived we sampled one of Jerry’s Hefe Mosaic beers which everyone agreed was really tasty. As I mentioned earlier, Sam had been working at Alliance earlier in the day. He said that Adam, the head brewer at Alliance, wanted to taste the hefe. We mentioned him stopping by later since he was at Flow helping Brad install the new taps. We then decided to take the show on the road and headed over to Flow with a Hefe Mosaic in tow so he could try it there and Brad could also sample the beer. Plus, I really wanted to see the new tap setup they were working on!

  Well, when we arrived who was sitting there enjoying a beer? The always funny Cooper and also DJ Loope from Our Humble Beer Podcast! By the way, if you haven’t listened to the latest episode, I highly recommend it. As they were gathering glasses for the beer, Katie D walked by the window! She had a friend arriving in town later so just stopped by for a beer. It was turning into a little party. We all enjoyed a couple of beers and sampled the Hefe. We still hadn’t even considered what to eat.  After a short discussion it was decided that we (all of us, including Adam) would go back to our place, order some pizza and you guessed it…drink some beer.   I forgot to mention earlier that Sam brought a box of beer to our place.  I believe Zack from Knox Brew Tours brought him the box of goodies.  Before heading to Flow We put a couple in the fridge that we planned to enjoy after dinner.  Well, we all went home, let the dog out and ordered a couple of ham and pineapple pizzas from The Tomato Head.  We then proceeded to drink every beer in Sam’s box.  I felt bad but luckily Sam loves sharing beer as much as he loves drinking it!  I just discovered how to make these little collages through Instagram, too cute.  Later in the evening Katie’s friends Stewart and  — arrived with more beer.  They brought the last 3 beers in the list below and they were all awesome.  Here are a few of the beers we tried:

Gorch Fock by 3 Floyds Brewing Company

Space Station Middle Finger also by 3 Floyds Brewing Company

Summer Saison by Blackberry Farm Brewery

Jinx Proof by 3 Floyds Brewing Company

Pay It Forward Cocoa Porter by West Sixth Brewing

BackMasking by 3 Floyds Brewing Company – this was a favorite of mine.

Friday by Cycle Brewing Company

El Gordo by Good People Brewing Company – in honor of Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Melange No. 8 by The Bruery It was a fun night!  I love impromptu gatherings.  My night went from couch potato to party dino in a matter of minutes.  One of my favorite things about living downtown is the randomness of it all.  You never know how an evening will turn out.

 You know it’s time to call it a night when you end up in the cage!  What an awesome evening.  Cheers!

Saturday morning came way too soon.  We all crawled out of bed and started getting ready for yet another trip to Kingsport (except for the dog, she had no clue and planned to sleep all day after the late night).  Traffic was heavy but we finally rolled into town.  After a couple of family related errands we decided it was time to head over to Triple B Brewery for a couple of flights. 

  You could smell the wort as soon as you walked in.  We hung out with Jimie, the owner and brewer.  He seems very knowledgable about the brewing process and we always have great conversations with him.  We got another quick tour of the brewery since he was working the bar and brewing at the same time.  We also watched a great documentary called “How Beer Saved The World”.  I plan to purchase it so I can watch it without interruption.  It is supposedly historically accurate.  It seems that beer REALLY did save the world.

Sunday morning was filled with more family related errands.  We were sitting around trying to plan our escape when Jerry got a text from Sam inviting us to stop by Alliance because they were going to be working most of the day.  Time to pack the bags, load the dog in the car and get back to Knoxville!  We hightailed it home, grabbed a couple of beers and went straight to the brewery.  It was buzzing with activity.  The place looks awesome and they were working on the bar which is close to completion. 

 There were beers to sample and snacks to eat.  It was exciting to be there.  I can’t wait for them to open and look forward to spending lots of time there in the near future.  

 I felt honored and a little nervous that Sam let us help a little with the bar.  It was fun! 

 I was relieved that it all fit together after my handiwork.  I hope they get to open soon because I have only tried a couple of their beers and am anxious to try more.  I have a feeling that part of town is going to be a destination all it’s own within a few months.

The Knoxville beer scene is good and getting better!  Hope to see you out and about!


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