Mini Staycation – Part 1


July 31, 2015 by knoxbeerdinosaur

We decided to take a 4-day weekend last week to just get away from work and relax a bit.  There was much discussion about heading to Asheville for a couple of days but in the end we decided it would be more fun to stay in Knoxville and hang out with friends.  It was the right decision because it turned out to be an epic beer-filled weekend of fun.  Tuesday evening, we took the dog for a walk after work and headed over to Flow so we could relax on the patio.  I ordered the Highland Lost Cove American Pale Ale.  I had sampled it at Brewfest but decided to give it another try since it was on draft.  Definitely not a favorite beer of mine but the breeze on the patio was perfect!
 Beamish loves to hang out on the patio at Flow.  She comes here frequently and seems to think it is her patio and she needs to protect it.  Luckily she is all bark and no bite, at least we hope so.

  On Wednesday we stayed in and cleaned house and caught up on some laundry since we didn’t plan on being home much the next few days.  If one must do chores, it is nice to have good beer to make it more enjoyable.  This Hennepin Farmhouse Saison from Ommegang was delicious.
 This was the last of Jerry’s Belle Dorado Saison.  A fruity beer with a nice saison funkiness.  I savored this one while watching Jamaica beat the USA men’s team.  At least the beer did not disappoint.  I am looking forward to his Hoppy Hefe which should be ready to drink in a couple of days.

  On Thursday we did something completely different than what we normally do.  We were invited to the grand opening of the downtown location of Painting with a Twist by  Knoxville’s Urban Guy and Urban Wife, Karen.  There was lots of hesitation on our end as noone in our little family would be considered artistic in the traditional, paint and canvas sense.  The only painting I ever did was the ceramic kind in elementary school.  Even then I stuck to abstract items.  We decided to step out of our comfort zone and accepted the generous invitation.  I am so glad we did.  It was lots of fun with great music, contests and even some dancing.
 It turns out there is NOT some hidden dino artist inside of me trying to escape.  I did enjoy the evening with good conversation, a little wine and the feeling (if only for a couple of hours) that I really was a paintbrush wielding artist with a smock, paper plate palete and all.  Thanks to Alan and Karen for inviting us.   Friday night started out perfectly.  Sam and Emjay came up to our place before meeting some other friends later.  We had some stuff in the fridge but Sam pulled this Brooklyn Black Ops (2014) out of his famous cooler.  I have, oddly enough, never had one.  It was so amazing, thanks for sharing.  We also laughed so hard that I cried a little.  Talking about beer always puts me in a good mood.

  We decided we better head down to Ol’ Sutts and eat a bite and meet some friends. I was thrilled to see Lou since it had been a while since our last meeting.  It was great to meet his wife Kim as well.  Hopefully we will see more of them both in the future.  Of course we ordered beer before food…priorities.  The flights just kept showing up on the table.  It was like magic although I’m pretty sure Sam and Jerry went to get them.  The first beer was Spank by Smuttynose Brewing Co.  We also had A Little Sumpin’ Extra Ale from Lagunitas that was good.  I enjoyed Eric’s Ale (Lips of Faith) from New Belgium.  It is a nice sour.  A good dessert beer is Shake Chocolate Porter from Boulder.  There were other beers but I was jumping around and talking so much that they did not get photographed or Untappd.  Lou, of course, showed up with some goodies to share.  I loved this Not Your Father’s Root Beer (5.9%) by Small Town Brewery.  It was delicious and apparently there is a 10% version as well.

 He also brought a scotch ale called King George by Capital Brewery Co.  This must be a limited release beer since there are only 282 total check-ins on Untappd.  My friend Joey just happened to stop by at the right time to get a taste of this.  He loves a wee heavy scotch ale and seemed pretty happy.  He and Mike seemed to be entertaining the other end of the table.  I saw lots of laughing going on.I got a little carried away with the hydration thing and nearly drowned in this glass of water.  Don’t worry, I was fine after my friends pulled me out and dried me off.  Oh well, shit happens and the water did prevent a headache the next morning.  
  And for the grand finale, Lou pulled this New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red out of his bag of tricks. I LOVE New Glarus so I got a little excited and started flapping my tiny arms around. I also turned up the bottle and acted like I was going to drink the whole thing myself. I was just joking (kind of) and that would been very rude. It is more fun to share good beer with friends and fellow beer lovers. Thanks to Lou for introducing me to the New Glarus sours a couple of years ago and sharing yet another awesome one with me.  I’m not sure how but after the near drowning incident from earlier, I was somehow convinced to pose for pictures under this tower of terror.  Luckily Sam and Emjay are experts at this sort of thing so noone was hurt.  One wrong move and I would have been flat as a pancake.  It was exciting but a little scary.  They tried to add something else to the top, it almost fell and I scurried out as fast as I could.

Things were wrapping up at Suttree’s. Some of the party members had to drive home and then work the next day. It was time to call it a night….NOT.
  I convinced Sam and Emjay to join us for one more beer. I was wound up from all the laughing and talking and wanted to discuss the evening and other Knoxville beer things. We walked past Scruffy City Hall since they usually have a good beer selection. It was packed so we just kept walking. We strolled past The Tomato Head and stuck our head in but they appeared to be shutting down for the night, it must have been later than I thought.  We opted for The Casual Pint since it was just around the corner. It was pretty quiet in there and we were even able to flop down in the big chairs and chat. I ordered this 5 Points IPA by Black Abbey Brewing. It was a decent beer but my taste may have been tainted from all of the great beer earlier in the evening. I was so glad we went in because I discovered this sign hanging above the well-stocked beer cooler. I have often wondered how to craft a 6 pack. Now I know, who knew it was that easy.  We laughed so hard that my face hurt so it was time to head home, feed the dog a snack and go to bed. It was a perfect night with good friends, good beer and great fun.  Cheers!

To be continued…


One thought on “Mini Staycation – Part 1

  1. bluesandbarbq says:

    Great to see those tiny arms again.
    Box of Leprechauns!

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