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July 21, 2015 by knoxbeerdinosaur

Well, not really.  Patience is not one of my virtues.  I am, however, forced to wait on any new brewery openings, apparently these things cannot be rushed.  I didn’t go out much last week so any information I have is from social media. I only have Twitter and Untappd so I’m limited to any updates.  I saw a tweet from Crafty Bastard Brewery last week with a picture showing their new chalkboard and stating that they would be installing the bar this week.  I need to walk down this week and check the updates out, it is getting close.  Balter Beerworks tweeted that the transformation has begun.  I am excited to see what will become of the old corner BP.  I have a feeling it is going to be quite a change for that little section of downtown.  My friend Ratchet reported that they are hard at work over on Bernard Ave, future home of Schulz Brau Brewing Company.  I hope they open by Oktoberfest, it looks like it will be amazing and I am looking forward to having a German brewery in Knoxville.

Last week I neglected to mention Pretentious Beer Glass Company as a future brewery in Knoxville.  I was fortunate enough to sample their beer at Brewhibition back in May.  The Scottish Quad and Saison Blanc were both incredible beers.  I fell in love with the Brett Trois IPA after the first taste.  It is the one beer I went back for seconds and thirds.   I hope it will be a regular on tap once they get the brewery open.  Urban guy wrote a great article about Matthew that you can read here: http://insideofknoxville.com/2014/12/pretentious-glass-company-new-brewery-and-glass-blowing-studio-for-the-old-city/.  We have a couple of his beer glasses at home and they are beautiful.  I was also lucky enough to attend a bottle share there last May.  Thanks to Brad, Sam and Emjay for inviting us.  It was the biggest bottle share I have ever attended with most Knoxville brewers in attendance.  I met a lot of great people and tried many new beers.  The beer selection was phenomenal and it was impossible to try every beer but I gave it my best shot.

  I’ll have to admit I did have a bit of a headache at work the next day but it was so worth it.

This past week was pretty quiet for me but I did enjoy some good brews along the way.  My friend Ed came over on Wednesday and brought a cooler full of goodies to share.  This was the first Rhinegeist beer that I have tasted and it was a really good session IPA.  It had a light citrus hop and I could definitely drink a few of these. 

  Next we tried the Winter Seasonal Oatmeal Stout from Blackstone Brewing Company.  It had a hint of smokiness which I liked.  We then sampled the Rhinegeist Truth IPA.  Another good beer from them with a fruity nose and nice bitter hoppiness.  I appreciate their labeling.  It would catch my eye on a shelf full of beer.  The last beer out of the cooler was Buckeye Lake’s Shovelhead 2x IPA.  The first taste reminded me of Heady Topper.  Maybe they used the same hops, it was a tasty IPA and not overly bitter.  

A big thanks to Ed for sharing these  great beers.  We must do it again soon.  Also a thanks to Cat for the chocolate chip cookies of which I gobbled down 3.  Hopefully she can make it downtown next time.

I almost ventured out Friday evening but decided to stay home after taking a peak in the fridge.  

 I received some reading material in the mail so decided to stay in and drink a couple that I had hoarded up and relax a bit. This Nostrodamus Belgian Brown from Brasserie Caracole hit the spot.  It had a fruity nose and you could taste raisin with a hint of cherry and fig.  It had a nice hoppiness at the end and the flavors became more prominent and complex as it warmed. 

 We also enjoyed the Val-Dieu Blond from Brasserie de l’Abbaye du Val-Dieu.  That is a long brewery name.  The beer was tasty and I stood on top so I could watch Shakespeare on the Square.  It made me feel super tall.

On Saturday we had to make our monthly trek to Kingsport to visit family.  After a couple of hours of “family time”, Jerry decided it was time to head out for a beer.  Yes, we had only been there for 2 hours!!  Sleepy Owl was one option but they don’t open until 5:00 and it was only 1:30.  Luckily the other brewery option in Kingsport is pretty darn good.  We loaded up the dog and headed over to Triple B Brewery.  They specialize in Belgian and German beers but have something that everyone would like including a variety of ciders.  I wanted to try a couple of those but ran out of time.  We were happy to see Jimie (owner and brewer) behind the bar and enjoyed an afternoon discussing beer with him and his dad.  Several people trickled in and out while we were there and we even met a fellow beer lover from Knoxville named Sandy.

 We sampled several beers while there:

Lil Jeremiah (peachy hop), Killer B, Orange Blossom Special (German kolsch with orange), Twisted Pleasure (peach version, aka Amber’s Peach of a Day), Smash-n-Dash, Bodran Cream Ale (strawberry) and 3 B (Bitch Be Back).

It was just what we needed to relax a bit.  I missed Myron but hopefully he will be there the next time we visit.  He is a wine maker but also makes the ciders for Triple B.  I’ve heard the place gets crazy on Friday and Saturday nights and they usually sell out of their beer each week.  After years of traveling to Kingsport it is nice to see that craft beer has finally taken off.  I will eventually venture over to Johnson City to check out the growing beer scene there.

Sunday night is True Detective night at our place!  We met Ratchet at The Tomato Head on Market Square for a little dinner and a couple of beers.  He had just arrived and snagged a table on the patio.

 I had to try the Pinner Throwback IPA by Oskar Blues Brewery.  I’ve only had it from a can so was happy to see it on draft.  Their beer is always outstanding. 

 I have to throw in a picture of this sandwich.  It was possibly the best sandwich I’ve ever had.  It is the Oh Boy with baked tofu instead of chicken and NO Monterey Jack cheese.  When I asked to substitute the tofu for the chicken, the waiter looked at me like I had 2 heads.  He reminded me that it had bacon on it as well.  I am not a vegetarian dino, I just really love the tofu at The Tomato Head.  This is my new favorite food!! 

 With my sandwich I enjoyed a Pear Harvest Smokey  Treat by Calfkiller Brewing Company.  I got the pear on the nose but I did not get much smokey flavor.  It was an enjoyable beer. 

I also sampled the White Zombie from Catawba Brewing Company and the Debut #3: Belgian Witbier with Cherries from Starr Hill Brewery.  Both light and refreshing.  After a great dinner we headed home to enjoy a couple more beers and rewatch the end of last week’s exciting and shocking episode. 

Ratchet brought this Stone Saison to share.  It was excellent as are most Stone beers with a fruity nose mixed with lots of spice on the tongue.

 This is another beer that Ratchet brought to share.  Olde Hickory Brewery’s Orion, Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale.  He has been cellaring this beer since 2012.  It was a nice fruity beer that I savored while enjoying another episode of True Detective.  Thanks to Ratchet for sharing and for petting the dog when he comes to visit.  Beamish loves Ratchet!!

I plan to be out and about a lot this weekend.  Hope to see everyone enjoying some beer at my favorite places.  I will try to get some updates on the upcoming breweries.  Cheers!


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