Halloween = Pumpkin Beer

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November 2, 2013 by knoxbeerdinosaur

It was a perfect Halloween night. The wind was blowing, the leaves were falling and the beer was pumpkin! I met my friend Katie at Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern after a long day at work thinking about pumpkin beer!

When I arrived she had just ordered the Rogue Farms Pumpkin Patch Ale so I decided to have the same. It was good with lots of pumpkin flavor and the right amount of spice. Ol’ Saccy didn’t even get in the picture, my photographer was so excited about the beer. Oh well, maybe next time.

Next up was a repeat beer that I had a couple of weeks ago. It was Warlock by Southern Tier Brewing. I really enjoy this beer now after not liking it at first. It has so many flavors going on. I get a hint of coconut on the nose and sometimes I taste it as well. I also taste chocolate and coffee with some nutmeg. Like I said it is an interesting beer that I enjoy drinking. I will be a bit sad when it is gone but maybe it will be back next fall!

I ended with a Schlafly Dry-hopped APA. One can only drink so much pumpkin! This was mild in comparison but still a very good beer. It was a quiet but fun Halloween. Katie and I talked and laughed a lot while enjoying some great beer at one of my favorite places!

Earlier in the week my dinner partner and I decided to go to Cru Bistro and Wine Bar. We usually go with some friends but one of them was indisposed so we headed down by ourselves and found a couple of seats at the bar.

I was happy to see Highland Brewing Thunderstruck Coffee Porter on draft and all drafts were only $2.00! Can’t beat that deal.

We decided to share a pepperoni pizza because we usually have leftovers. I love this pizza. It has some of the best pesto I’ve ever had swirled into the red sauce. The crazy thing is that the entire meal (enough pizza for 2 and 1 beer each) was only $9.46. One of the best deals downtown!

Here are a couple of random beers from the week:

I enjoyed the Butternut Squash Ale from Ratchet Brews one evening while doing some cleaning.

My beer guide poured this Theakstons Old Peculier one evening and mentioned that it was one we have never tried. I had a faint memory that we had indeed had it a few years ago. I couldn’t remember when or where but was sure I had tasted it in the past.

I, of course, had to prove I was right so I pulled out the “beer bible”. I have got to get back to updating this thing since we have so many more beers available locally now then when the book was purchased. Anyway….

There it was, date-stamped and all. We had indeed had the beer in 2010. We made a short day trip to Gatlinburg with another destination and just happened to drive past “The Ship” and stopped in to check it out. I don’t know if it is still there but it made for an interesting day.

I had a small pour of Morland Old Crafty Hen by Greene King before heading out on Halloween. This beer is the papaw to Old Speckled Hen.

It was another great week! Looking forward to the next one!


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