Vodka, wine, bourbon and beer.

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October 29, 2013 by knoxbeerdinosaur

Sunday was quite a hodge podge of alcohol. It was a beautiful, slightly overcast fall day after a not so pleasant Saturday visiting relatives. A drink was definitely in order. My friend Delores and I had made tentative plans to do a wine tasting at Blue Slip Winery in the Old City. First things first though so my significant other and I decided to have a nice brunch at Oodles. My plan (after eating fast food all day Saturday) was to have a nice healthy salad with some chicken added.

We found a nice table on the patio and I ordered a medium spicy bloody mary to get the afternoon started. I perused the menu for the healthy salad options when I noticed the “specials” sign at the entrance. The special was a french toast panini with dark chocolate, strawberries and Bailey’s whipped cream. So much for eating healthy. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t low fat or low cal but it certainly was delicious. I’m not sure how often they have it but I will be checking out their “specials” sign for it in the near future. We were feeling very relaxed with full bellies. It was time to head down to the Old City to meet Delores and BJ for the wine tasting.



If you haven’t been to Blue Slip Winery you definitely need to check it out. It is located on Jackson Ave. across from Boyd’s Jig and Reel and beside Urban Bar. It is in the basement so you have to walk downstairs to get to the tasting room. We were greeted by Linn Slocum, the founder of the winery. She was very helpful as usual and answered any questions we had about the wines and how to choose the perfect bottle. She helped us decide what to taste and what order we should taste. Apparently you want to start with the dry reds and end with the sweeter wines. Linn has a great sense of humor and makes the wine tasting experience enjoyable with lots of laughs included. We tried a little bit of everything and they were all good in different ways.



We purchased several bottles of some of our favorites and BJ and Delores even purchased a couple of jars of jelly made from the wine. We left with more knowledge than when we arrived. It was a good experience and I definitely recommend you visit soon.

We walked over to Aisle Nine for a few grocery items and some beer to take home (they have a really nice selection). While we were walking around in the grocery store, apparently a plan was formed to go back to BJ and Delores’ place for some bourbon.

BJ doesn’t skimp on the liquor. He has BIG bottles of the good stuff. He shared his Woodford Reserve with us. I opted for a smaller pour and you could tell with the first taste it was very smooth. It was easy (too easy) to drink and he decided I needed a beer to chase it with.


What better choice than a Murphy’s, one of my favorites. It was a fun afternoon and we got to play with their dogs, Tank and Yogi. Time to go home and get ready for the upcoming week. It was a very relaxing day with good food, drinks and friends.


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