Highlights of the past week.

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October 27, 2013 by knoxbeerdinosaur

It’s been a pretty low-key week but I did manage to have a few beers along the way.

My friends Jim and Maureen invited me to go to The Crown & Goose on Monday for 1/2 price fish and chips. When we arrived, the waiter said Happy Hour would be over in 10 minutes. We all went ahead and ordered 2 beers. I had Guinness and knew it would be even better when it warmed up a bit. I ended up sharing a burger instead of fish and chips. It was a fun time with lots of laughter!

After work on Tuesday my buddy Aaron stopped by to pick up some beer that we ordered. We decided to have a mini tasting. We enjoyed The Celiatrix which is a gluten free beer from Ratchet Brews. It had a strong grapefruit flavor and was very tasty. Ignore the pill box in the background, not very attractive). Believe it or not, it’s for the dog!

Aaron brought this Hog Heaven Barleywine by Avery. He found this while he and Jen were traveling all over the country last summer. It is a great beer. Very floral on the nose and I enjoyed the malty and hoppy taste combo. Thanks Aaron.

We also tried the Russian Imperial Stout from Ratchet Brews. I couldn’t find this one on Untappd but I love the label.

On Thursday night (the new Friday), Dale and Tami came downtown for dinner and drinks. We went to Blue Coast Grille for dinner and I was happy to see Highland Oatmeal Porter on draft! Glad the dark beers are readily available again. My food would have most likely been good had I gotten what I ordered. I requested the Beach Wrap minus the cheese. It, of course, came out with cheese on it. The waiter was apologetic and took it back. My second wrap came out minus the cheese. Sounds good except that it was also minus the chicken. Not good. They offered to bring the chicken but at this point I didn’t want to wait as everyone else was halfway finished. I just ate it as it was, basically a salad in a tortilla. At least the beer was good and they didn’t charge me for the wrap! Maybe next time.

After dinner we walked over to the Casual Pint for “dessert”. It was good to see Cara working, she always has good recommendations. There were several good options but I chose the Rogue Mocha Porter. Yum. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but the ONE and only good thing about winter is dark beer. I keep hearing it’s gonna be a bad winter so I hope the pubs are stocked up!

My friend BJ sent a text and said he was at Jackson Ave Market and Brooklyn Brewery was there and giving away glasses so we headed down there. We were the only people there besides a couple of guys that I guessed were DJs and the guy from Brooklyn. Hopefully it picked up after we left. My significant other had an Ayinger Oktober Fest -Marzen. It was very good.

I opted for the Oktoberfest from Brooklyn, I wanted that cool glass! It was ok, the Ayinger was better.

TGIF. A night at home with a Murphy’s to end the week. I felt like I didn’t do much this past week but looking back, it was a pretty busy week and I drank a lot more than I realized. That’s a good thing!


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