Fall is here!

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October 22, 2013 by knoxbeerdinosaur

Ol’ Saccy loves fall and it is definitely here. The leaves are falling, the temperatures and dropping and the beer is dark! Last Thursday was the Daylight Nights block party so I decided to have a couple of beers before heading down to enjoy some good food.

Ratchet Brews Hop Boom IPA is sweet on the nose with lots of hoppy flavors. A great start to a fun night ahead.

Next was a dry-hopped verison of Ratchet Brews Anglophile Jerry’s ESB. The dry-hopped version is quite tasty. I headed down to the block party where there were lots of friendly faces and several food trucks. It was a bit chillier than the last party but that didn’t seem to keep people from coming out. I chatted with several friends and even met a couple of new ones. At least one future beer tasting was planned as one of my friends was going to Ohio and vowed to bring back some unique beers to sample. No date has been set but I found out later that the beer has been purchased.

After lots of talking and eating we decided to head to Suttree’s for a quick beer before going home. We convinced friends Rick and Jim to accompany us. They had never been to Suttree’s and I heard they were giving away Southern Tier pumpkin glasses. Rick had a nice glass of wine and Jim (who isn’t much of a beer drinker) had a Boddingtons. I think he actually enjoyed it.

I chose to have Southern Tier Warlock. I was not thrilled with it after my first taste. It definitely had a pumpkin pie flavor going on but it got better as it warmed up a bit and the other flavors started becoming more prominent. I ended up enjoying it quite a lot. The crowd was very eclectic and it made for some fun and interesting conversation with Rick and Jim. I decided to bob for pumpkins in my beer with a bit of encouragement from Rick. It was a great night.

I did receive my pumpkin glass and intend to drink out of it until after Thanksgiving.

As is my habit, last Friday was stay at home night. Of course, staying home is much easier when you have a fridge full of Ratchet Brews to enjoy.

Apricot Honey Lager was a great start to the weekend. It was a night of nerdy home and closet organization.

Saturday was a perfect fall day. Got up and headed to the Farmer’s Market for a few items then headed out for some shopping. Saccy needed some new boots.

Ratchet Brews Ma Hefe was waiting on me when I got home. This beer is perfectly spiced. Not overwhelming and I believe I tasted a hint of clove. I was invited to my friend Rick’s birthday party at Bistro By the Tracks. I ended up drinking a nice tequila cocktail and a glass of wine. No pictures were taken. I didn’t really know most of the people there and didn’t think they could grasp the concept of a downtown beer drinking dino so I stayed out of sight. It was a fun night with good food. I was happy to be included!

Sunday was the City People Downtown Home Tour. After lots of walking it was nice to settle in at Barley’s for a late lunch and a beer.

I was very excited to see Highland Brewing Thunderstruck Coffee Porter on tap. It was as good as I remember and only gets better as it warms up! The only thing that makes winter tolerable for me are the darker beers. Don’t be afraid of the dark.

After leaving Barley’s, I headed to Java for some hot tea and a popped heart (remininscent of pop tart but much better). It was very good. I had an invite to meet some friend for dinner but had a few minutes and decided to pop in to the Casual Pint to see if they had any interesting bottles available. As soon as we walked in, Nena greeted us with a hug and said we had to try the Catawba Valley Brewing Company Arlo’s PB&J Brown Ale. I was skeptical but decided I had to give it a try. My companion and I agreed that it smelled just like a PB&J sandwich. It definitely had all of the same flavors. I don’t know how on earth they pulled that off but I intend to ask Scott the next time I see him. It was a great fall weekend and I’m sure there are more to follow!! I do LOVE living downtown.


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