Beer and beef!

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October 17, 2013 by knoxbeerdinosaur

Last night was the 3rd Wednesday of the month. That means I headed to Saw Works after to pick up my beef. What? Beef at Saw Works? Yes indeed! They have teamed up with Century Harvest Farms to give us easy access to amazing grass feed beef. I usually only get ground beef but you can buy streaks and roasts as well. If you aren’t already in on this, I recommend that you check out their website and sign up. Where else can you get grass fed and super fresh ground beef for $4.50 per pound. It is very tasty! If you ever see the Hoof Truck around town you can try it out with a Hoof Burger. A bit pricey but well worth it. The fries are pretty damn good too! Anyway, enough about that. The point is, I stopped by to pick up my beef and head home. Once I got inside I glanced up at the Rough Cut board, I knew I would not be going straight home. They had an Extra Sexy Bitter listed. My driver loves an ESB so I ran out to the car and told him to come inside!

Of course we ordered a couple. It was very nice! Dave happened to walk out of the back so we were able to discuss it with him which made it even more fun. I didn’t get much on the nose but it was very smooth. We thought it may have been cask-conditioned but Dave assured us it was not. It was, of course, made with British Hops, Fuggles being one of them. He also mentioned that they put a lot of mint in it. I could feel the mint more than taste it. It did leave a little tingle on the tongue. It was an enjoyable beer.

They also had a rough cut Sweet Potato Ale. It was mildly spiced so wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and was therefore quite good. I only had a small glass. The next person in the door ordered one and the keg blew. Rumor has it there is only one keg left and I was told to look for it at The Casual Pint although I don’t know which location or when.

Time to head home, feed the dog and eat dinner. I know what you are thinking…boxed wine? Dino’s can’t live on beer alone (I’ve tried a few times). It’s not half bad and I never waste it unlike a bottle that I open, drink half and then it goes bad. I’m a bit frugal sometimes.

Tonight is Daylight Nights block party from 5:00 to 8:00 on Union Ave. Check it out on Reruns blog. I was at the last one and it was great fun with some amazing food trucks, good friends and lots of laughs! Hope to see you there!


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