Laughter IS the best medicine…


January 14, 2013 by knoxbeerdinosaur

For a hangover that is. It was not easy to crawl out of bed on New Years Day. I finally did around 10:00. I felt like crap but had no regrets about the night before. I was supposed to be at brunch around 11:00 and my stomach lurched at the thought of food, drink and conversation. I am rarely late to any event but I feared I might be today. I did let my hosts know it would probably be around noon. I watched the MANU match and cleaned up as best I could with as little effort as possible. I’m so glad I did. The day started off slow as more than half of the participants were hungover. We began drinking reluctantly with a mimosa or 2. We were all in the perfect state of mind to be very silly. Lots of penis, poop and drinking problem jokes were flying around. We laughed so hard my cheeks were hurting by the end of the day. We stayed for nearly 7 hours. We had traditional black-eyed peas, greens and a round doughnut. This was my first traditional New Years dinner and it was very good. There are, unfortunately, no photos. My photographers were struggling a bit.

We also had a beer tasting once everyone was out of hangover mode. Our host began pulling all of these awesome beers out of the fridge and began pouring. It was so cool. Ol’ Saccy got right back on the beer horse and started drinking.

Brux Domesticated Wild Ale. A very nice Belgian-style ale; a Russian Brewing and Sierra Nevada collaboration. Beer is so cool and makes me very happy.

This still gets a laugh.

I was excited to find a growler of SawWorks Pale Ale in the fridge.

Pretty sure this was purchased because of the great label. Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp, a Belgian-style IPA. It also tasted good!

Innis & Gunn just make great beer with lots of taste. This Rum Cask was so good. You definitely get the rum on the nose and on the tongue. There is a label near the bottom stating that it was carefully matured for 57 days prior to bottling. Wonder why 57 days?

BrewDog Old World India Pale Ale. This one was interesting with complex flavors. It was malty with a hint of caramel. I enjoyed it.

There was also a growler of SawWorks brown to enjoy.

We wrapped it up with Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. A great way to end a tasting.

It was an awesome New Years Day. Thank you to our host and hostess. I met some new friends as well. There is nothing more perfect than good food, good beer and laughing until your face hurts.

“I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with your pockets full of money, and your cellar full of beer.”
— Old English Carol


One thought on “Laughter IS the best medicine…

  1. jkb says:

    Great review! We need more I&G.

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