Bah, Humbug!

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December 19, 2012 by knoxbeerdinosaur

Ol’ Saccy was a homebody last week with only a couple of short outings. I am still adjusting to the time change and I end up staying home more often than not. I’ll get over it soon and get out more. I miss my favorite people and places.

Stopped by the Downtown The Casual Pint Sunday afternoon for a Rogue Mocha Porter. I don’t love this one but it’s not bad. Definitely a little better at room temperature.

I found this while prowling around in the beer coolers at the Pint and decided to take it home for later. Timmermans Kriek, Belgium’s Finest Lambic Beer. My inspiration for this was a beer from New Glarus that I had a few weeks ago. This one was a little sweeter.

Found this Chatoe Rogue OREgasmic Ale in the “in case of emergency” stash at home. Not a favorite but a pretty decent beer.

Green Man Brewery ESB at Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern. An old favorite.

I tried to remain calm but this beer was freaking awesome so I got a little excited. Schlafly Beer Coffee Stout. I don’t drink coffee but this is such a great beer. Coffee nose, taste and finish, nice and bitter. I wish I had this on tap at my house.

Back home enjoying a Ratchet Brews I’m Warming You Spicy Cocoa Stout! Yum!

Even the Grinch loves Finch’s Beer Company Secret Stache Stout! I have really enjoyed having a nice selection of Finch’s in Knoxville. This one has a hint af vanilla which adds to the chocolate flavor and nose. It has a nice head even though it seems flat when you pop the top. It isn’t flat at all and I can’t wait to try it on draft somewhere soon (I hope).

Last but definitely not least, Ratchet Brews Everything Went Black! This is an awesome black IPA. Bitter and incredibly good!

I hope to get out more next week but have a few little get togethers planned at home (that I am looking forward to) so I may not make it. I’ll be very happy when Christmas is over, it’s just not that enjoyable for me. Just one more week and everyone can relax again.

This quotes sums up the holidays for me (very Grinchy I know):
“I drink to make other people interesting.” — George Jean Nathan


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